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Wilmington 8 SSW 5:00 AM
St. Simons Island Data from this site is currently unavailable.
St Simons Island 6 WSW 5:00 AM
Savannah Airport 3 S 5:00 AM
S. Hatteras Buoy 17 SW 4:40 AM
Orangeburg 4 SSW 5:00 AM
North Myrtle Beach 5 WSW 5:00 AM
New River 4 WSW 3:56 AM
Myrtle Beach 10 WSW 5:00 AM
MC Airport 6 WSW 5:00 AM
Lake Norman Click for Forecast (no sensor installed)
Jordan Lake Click for Forecast (no sensor installed)
Isle of Palms Click for Forecast (no sensor installed)
Hilton Head
Harker's Island Click for Forecast (no sensor installed)
Gray's Reef 15 WSW 3:50 AM
Ft. Moultrie Click for Forecast (get a sensor here!)
Frying Pan Shoals
Emerald Isle Click for Forecast (no sensor installed)
Columbia Metro Airport Calm Winds are currently calm 5:00 AM
Charleston Harbor Click for Forecast (no sensor installed)
Cape Lookout 7 WSW 4:00 AM
Breach Inlet Click for Forecast (get a sensor here!)
Beaufort MAS 5 SW 3:56 AM
Tybee South* (speed not shown) W Click here for windspeed

Times displayed are based on xt_Atl_NC,SC,GA local time. Click site name for wind graphs, tides, local info, sensor notes, and more. Red asterisk (*) indicates precision WeatherFlow sensor installed, calibrated, and maintained by WeatherFlow -- the best wind information available. In addition to our exclusive WeatherFlow network of weather sites, additional data may be displayed on this page courtesy of the National Weather Service (NWS), National Ocean Data Buoy Center (NODC) and numerous additional institutions. For credit information on non-iwindsurf sites displayed on this map, please click on the site of interest.
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  xt_Atl _VA / NC
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